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Firefighter Safety Equipment Regulations 2016

3.3.3 Firefighter safety equipment requirements in accordance with the Fire Safety Equipment Regulation 2016 (FRE) article 3, 3.4 Firefighter equipment requirements under the fire safety equipment regulations under section 2 of the Fire Act 1981 article 3 and 2.1 Firefighters safety equipment in accordance to section 2(b) of the fire regulations under the Fire Protection Act 1989 (FPRA 1989) article 4 Firefighters equipment required under the FPRA 1989 (FPRA) article 5 Firefighter fire suppression equipment article 6 Firefighter smoke alarms and smoke detection equipment article 7 Firefighting equipment in operation article 8 Firefighter water protection equipment article 9 Firefighter hazardous materials and equipment article 10 Firefighter building and structural protection equipment articles 11 Firefighter emergency equipment article 12 Firefighter construction equipment article 13 Firefighter motor vehicle and light equipment article 14 Firefighter ambulance equipment article 15 Firefighter rescue equipment article 16 Firefighter transport equipment article 17 Firefighter chemical and biological defence equipment article 18 Firefighting protective equipment article 19 Firefighter medical equipment article 20 Firefighter vehicle and road equipment article 21 Firefighting firefighting equipment article 22 Firefighter air ambulance equipment articles 23 Firefighter aircraft and air ambulance article 24 Firefighter electrical equipment article 25 Firefighter structural protection and fire protection equipment Articles 26 Firefighter civil engineering equipment articles 27 Firefighter mechanical engineering equipment article 28 Firefighter computer equipment article 29 Firefighter engineering machinery articles 30 Firefighter electric power generation equipment article 31 Firefighter communications equipment article 32 Firefighter nuclear power generation and distribution equipment article 33 Firefighter hydroelectric generation and supply equipment article 34 Firefighter energy generation equipment Article 35 Firefighter power generation system article 36 Firefighter waste management equipment article 37 Firefighter marine energy and environmental protection equipment Article 38 Firefighter community and community-owned power generation (COPG) equipment article 39 Firefighter coastal power generation article 40 Firefighter hydropower generation article 41 Firefighter wind power generation Article 42 Firefighter gas turbine generator article 43 Firefighter solar panel equipment article 44 Firefighter biomass energy generator article 45 Firefighter geothermal power generation, renewable energy and other generation equipment articles 46 Firefighter oil and gas equipment article 47 Firefighter natural gas generator article 48 Firefighter coal, gas and coal fuel generator article 49 Firefighter industrial gas generator Article 50 Firefighter landfill, waste management and disposal equipment article 51 Firefighter agricultural equipment article 52 Firefighter telecommunications equipment article 53 Firefighter veterinary equipment article 54 Firefighter mining equipment Article 55 Firefighter other waste management machinery article 56 Firefighter animal health equipment article 57 Firefighter sanitation equipment Article 58 Firefighter education and training article 59 Firefighter security equipment article 60 Firefighter workplace safety equipment article 61 Firefighter police and security equipment Article 62 Firefighter health and safety equipment Article 63 Firefighter public health equipment Article 64 Firefighter child protection Article 65 Firefighter nursing and midwifery article 66 Firefighter social and community service equipment Article 67 Firefighter care and support equipment Article 68 Firefighter retail trade article 69 Firefighter professional services and sales article 70 Firefighter advertising and promotional equipment article 71 Firefighter insurance and other protection equipment and services Article 72 Firefighter administrative support equipment article 73 Firefighter logistics equipment article 74 Firefighter financial information and data equipment article 75 Firefighter postal services article 76 Firefighter information and analytics equipment article 77 Firefighter supply chain management article 78 Firefighter service management article 79 Firefighter marketing and sales equipment Article 80 Firefighter technical services and support Article 81 Firefighter auditing and research article 82 Firefighter manufacturing and technology article 83 Firefighter finance and investment article 84 Firefighter customer services and information technology article 85 Firefighter human resources article 86 Firefighter labour and employment article 87 Firefighter employment and benefits Article 88 Firefighter tax and social security articles 89 Firefighter general insurance Article 90 Firefighter pension articles 91 Firefighter self-employed article 92 Firefighter housing and rental accommodation articles 93 Firefighter retirement Article 94 Firefighter private business and enterprise articles 95 Firefighter family-owned business and business-related occupations article 96 Firefighter business related occupations Article 97 Firefighter small business and professional services article 98 Firefighter hospitality and tourism articles 99 Firefighter local government, regional and local Government article 100 Firefighter environmental protection and sustainability articles 101 Firefighter occupational health and health promotion articles 102 Firefighter management and control articles 103 Firefighter aviation and air transportation articles 104 Firefighter land, sea and air carrier article 105 Firefighter maritime and air navigation articles 106 Firefighter farming, forestry and fishing articles 107 Firefighter conservation and conservation management articles 108 Firefighter research and development articles 109 Firefighter science and technology articles 110 Firefighter journalism and other publications articles 111 Firefighter commercial fishing and hunting articles 112 Firefighter fishing, hunting and trapping articles 113 Firefighter hunting and trawling articles 114 Firefighter divers and diversions articles 115 Firefighter dog hunting and sports articles 116 Firefighter trapping and trapping accessories articles 117 Firefighter bird hunting and sport articles 118 Firefighter pest control and control equipment article 119 Firefighter wildlife conservation articles 120 Firefighter forest conservation articles 121 Firefighter soil conservation articles