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How Milwaukee’s Bicycle Safety Equipment Vendor Works: A look at the business and its owners

Wisconsin bike safety equipment manufacturer and company owner Joe Garlock has been a fixture in Milwaukee’s bike community for nearly 30 years.

Garlock is the founder of Bicycle Safety Gear, a Milwaukee-based company that sells bicycle safety equipment and services to bike riders.

Since the late 1970s, Garlock and his wife have operated the company from their home in Milwaukee, serving Milwaukee and surrounding communities for nearly 40 years.

He is a certified instructor, safety coordinator, and mentor to his employees and customers, and is credited with pioneering the industry.

“Joe has been an integral part of the Milwaukee Bicycle Safety Industry since the late 70s,” said David Johnson, executive director of Milwaukee Bike Safety.

“He was an innovator in the bicycle safety industry.

He was instrumental in the emergence of the Bicycle Safety Institute and other organizations that helped define and define the safety industry in the city of Milwaukee.”

Garlock and the company have been in business for nearly 60 years, and since his retirement in 2013, he has been the CEO of Bike Safety Gear.

During his time as CEO, Garlan has invested in the development of several different bike safety products and services, including a line of bike safety accessories that are sold to bike shops and manufacturers.

“We’ve been fortunate to have a great relationship with some of the manufacturers who have become trusted partners with us in the industry,” Garlock said.

“They’re not just customers.

They’re partners.

We’ve also had some great partnerships with other businesses, including the City of Milwaukee.

That has been really valuable for us.”

The history of Milwaukee bike safety has been intertwined with Garlock’s life.

In 1984, Garlocks family moved from Minnesota to Wisconsin to pursue his dreams of becoming a commercial airline pilot.

When he retired from the commercial airline business in 1986, he founded Bicycle Safety and went on to become the CEO and founder of the company that bears his name.

“My dad was a very humble person,” Garlan said.

“He really believed in the value of being humble and having a positive attitude.

That’s why he had such a positive, hardworking attitude, he wanted to be a great person and help people.”

Garlan’s success was not limited to his work as a commercial pilot.

He began his career as a bicycle mechanic, and he was in the business for many years as well.

He built his business and his company in part through the support of his employees, customers, his family, and the community.

In addition to being a professional mechanic, Garlin has an extensive background in bicycle safety.

He has taught at the University of Wisconsin and at the International Institute of Bicycling, and in 2016, he received the American Bicycle Institute’s award for excellence in bicycle education.

“I love working with the community, and I love having the opportunity to meet people,” Garlin said.

“[Being a mechanic] gives you a chance to get to know people, and also learn more about how the bicycle is being used.

That gives you an opportunity to talk to them about different aspects of the bicycle.”

As the owner of a business that has helped the city and the nation of Wisconsin to become safer, Garlson said he feels a responsibility to provide safe and enjoyable rides for his customers.

He said his company is committed to creating the best product and service available, and has always been in touch with the local bike safety industry to find the best options for the market.

“This is a really important industry to us,” Garlstein said.