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How to avoid a dangerous car accident with the best car safety gear

A safe car can be an asset to a family, but it can also be an obstacle to safety, a new report has found.

The study by the Car Safety Foundation of Australia, which surveyed 1,000 Australian drivers, found that drivers with a car that has been approved for use in Australia are significantly less likely to crash than drivers with older cars, and are more likely to be involved in a collision.

“The safest car on the road is the one that has undergone extensive, rigorous, safety testing,” said Car Safety Federation of Australia chief executive, Mike Murphy.

“It’s one that hasn’t been driven, it hasn’t had any modifications, it’s been maintained and maintained and is safe.”

If it has been in service for five years or more, that car has a chance of surviving a collision.

“Dr Murphy said that the car industry had “changed dramatically” since he first began working in the industry in 1991, and that safety measures had been put in place in an attempt to prevent crashes.”

We’ve come a long way, we’ve got more cars out there and it’s an exciting time,” he said.”

However, it seems like a lot of people don’t realise that they can drive cars that don’t have any of these things on them.

“He said the findings could help the industry to avoid dangerous incidents and “treat vehicles with more respect”.”

The car industry needs to think about the safety of their vehicles more than ever, and the study shows the benefits of doing that,” Dr Murphy said.

In a statement, the Car Association said the research demonstrated that the safety requirements for new cars and the vehicles used in the fleet have been tightened significantly in the last five years.”

There is a need for the industry and its drivers to be more vigilant and aware of the new requirements and the challenges ahead, which will include a re-assessment of the current fleet and the use of technology in the vehicles,” the association said.

The survey also found that nearly 70 per cent of drivers surveyed said they were not comfortable driving with a helmet on, and just under half of those drivers said they would consider taking it off if the chance of injury was high.

The report comes amid a flurry of new car safety legislation.

The Federal Government is expected to introduce legislation this week to make it easier for motorists to take their own helmets off while driving.

But the new legislation is likely to face opposition from the motor industry, which is currently lobbying to have it scrapped.”

In my opinion, the changes we’re going to see are not going to make us safer,” Dr Paul Goss, from the Australian Institute of Motorists, said.”[The Government’s] legislation is going to do nothing to protect the public.