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How to avoid skateboard falls and other accidents

For all those who want to avoid getting a serious skateboard fall, here’s a checklist to help you avoid getting one.1.

Take the skateboard on a leash.

If you want to ride your skateboard outdoors, the safest way is to take it with you on a skateboard leash, or with a skateboarding buddy, and ride in a safe, controlled area.

Riding on a roller skates or roller skateboard is safer than riding in a loose, uncontrolled environment.2.

Check your harness.

If your harness has straps, check the straps and buckle them to your waist, hip or hipbelt before riding.

If they aren’t tight enough, your harness could be broken.3.

Don’t take the skateboarding leash off.

If it’s loose, put your skateboarding companion in a harness that’s as secure as possible, then keep it on until you can safely return it.4.

Avoid sliding off your skate board.

If skates slide on pavement, the best place to get skates is on your skateboards’ wheels.5.

Get off a slope.

If the slope is too slippery to skate on, ride slowly and carefully until you get off.6.

Ride on concrete surfaces.

If there are no skates on a concrete surface, put the skateboards on a flat surface.

If on a slope with skates, ride with the skates only.7.

Do not ride on snow.

Avoid riding on snow with a helmet, as it may result in a serious injury.8.

Use safety goggles.

If goggles are not available, use a safety harness, or get goggles with a small nose cone.9.

Use a hand held harness when riding.

Don`t take the hand held leash off your hand.10.

Be careful when skiing.

Always ride safely in a straight line.

Keep your body as straight as possible and avoid leaning your body forward.11.

Ride in a calm environment.

Don´t run, jump, throw, skate over obstacles or ride on slippery surfaces.

Ride at a safe speed and don´t make sudden changes to direction.

If you or someone you know needs any of these tips, call the National Skatepark Safety Hotline at 1-800-724-3910.