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How to prepare for epilepsy in 2018

What is epilepsy?

Epilepsy is a serious neurological condition that causes seizures, and it affects millions of people worldwide.

Epileptic seizures are most often linked to brain damage caused by an infection, such as from a drug or virus, and they are thought to occur in less than 2% of all people with epilepsy.

Epidemic seizures are usually caused by the same types of infections, which are caused by bacteria or fungi.

How does epilepsy affect my child?

Epidemia can affect a child’s ability to sleep, social interaction, and communication.

It can also make it harder for them to learn, including the ability to remember new words, or to read and write, and may also make them more likely to have behavioral problems such as aggression.

When my child is diagnosed with epilepsy, there are many different ways in which they may need to be cared for.

The National Epilepsia Foundation recommends that your child’s epilepsy care provider: Talk to their epilepsy specialist about how they should manage their epilepsy treatment and whether it is appropriate for them.