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How to use a safety harness with the OHHS

With the release of the latest OHHS safety harness, we are seeing a new era in safety harnesses.

We’ve seen some really impressive harnesses that can be used with both standard and modified helmets, but what if you want to use one with a safety helmet that doesn’t have a safety collar?

Well, that’s exactly what we have.

We have a new product in the OHSS safety harness called the Northrock Safety Helmet.

This is a safety Helmet that has the ability to be worn with a standard helmet, but without a safety ring.

This can be a really handy feature for people with a helmet that is too big or too small for them, or for people that want to wear a safety suit.

In fact, if you have a standard OHHS helmet with a protective collar, you can wear the NorthRock Safety Helmet with a Safety Helmet Safety Ring, which is a very handy feature.

The NorthRock Helmet comes with a removable protective collar.

The collar is removable from the helmet itself and can be worn anywhere the collar fits.

The NorthRock can be attached to a standard safety helmet, or it can be detached from the head and worn separately with a collar.

This collar is easy to attach and remove.

The included strap will easily attach to the helmet, and the included loop allows you to wear the helmet with just one hand.

The OHHS Safety Helmet comes in two sizes, standard and XL.

The standard helmet is approximately 10 inches in diameter, and measures 18 inches wide and 12 inches deep.

The XL helmet is about 11 inches in diametrically, and weighs approximately 21 inches wide, 12 inches long and 4 inches deep (we recommend using the helmet as a helmet).

The Northrock Helmet comes pre-assembled and ready to go.

It comes with four clips and four buckles, two of which are a little larger than normal.

The clips can be tightened with your fingers, and can then be clipped to your helmet.

The helmet is constructed of a sturdy polypropylene material, and is easy-to-clean.

The helmet comes with the standard helmet strap and the buckle that goes across the top of the helmet.

The buckle is attached to the outside of the neck strap, and it is secured with a small locking buckle that is attached with a clip.

The locking buckle can then attach to any buckle on the Northrocks helmet.

Included in the NorthRoll helmet is a strap that fits over the neck, and a safety clip that is adjustable to fit the head.

The clip can be secured with two clips, or the clips can also be removed.

The two clips are attached to an adhesive safety harness that is included with the North Roll helmet.

You can use the North roll with either standard or modified helmets.

The main difference between the standard and the modified helmets is the use of the safety harness.

The modification of the standard OHS helmet has a safety pin that is easily pushed in and out, and while the modified helmet does not have a pin, the pins on the modified OHS can easily be pushed in with your thumb or finger.

The modified OHSS helmet comes preinstalled with the safety pin, safety harness and safety clip.

You can then adjust the safety ring and safety pin to fit your head and neck, or you can use a regular helmet strap to attach to a modified helmet.

Both helmets come with a shoulder strap, which can be easily removed if you need to.

When you want the helmet to be used as a safety jacket, you simply remove the safety collar from the neck of the Northroll Helmet.

The neck strap can then then be attached over the helmet and can also easily be removed, and replaced with a regular safety helmet strap.

The helmets can be pre-installed with any standard helmet that fits, and there are no additional costs associated with using the Northrollers helmet.

When you wear a helmet, you will need to replace the collar and safety harness every few years.

The OHHS can be purchased with an optional safety harness kit that is also included with your helmet, which comes in a variety of colors and sizes.