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Phoenix police department unveils new safety equipment

Phoenix police are unveiling new equipment in a bid to combat the rise of the so-called ‘conveyors of death’.

The department says it will use the new safety tools in response to growing concerns that people are being exposed to high levels of toxic gases in the air.

The plan, which is due to be rolled out over the next few months, is to equip police officers with a gas detector, oxygen mask, and a ‘gas and flame retardant’ device that would shut down an entire apartment building if someone was to try to blow up their apartment.

Police said the plan would help protect people from the toxic fumes and other contaminants that are emitted by the gas, which can cause respiratory problems and lung damage.

‘The plan we are announcing today will provide more equipment and support to our officers and our communities, which will help us to reduce the risk of our residents becoming exposed to the toxic gas fumes,’ said Sgt. Mike Sowell, a spokesman for the Phoenix Police Department.

‘This equipment will not only be used by our officers, but also the public who come to our departments and visit our facilities.

‘We are asking for your support in our effort to make sure our officers have the tools they need to respond to these growing safety concerns.’

Sowell said the department was also seeking to reduce exposure to other toxic gases that have also risen in popularity.

The gas can be found in the exhaust from large trucks and trucks driven by people working in hazardous industries, such as mining, construction, and agriculture.

The city of Phoenix has been experiencing the rise in so- called ‘convection furnaces’ that spew fumes that are inhaled by people living in and around residential buildings.

Gas-contaminated exhaust from a so- known ‘convoy furnace’ in Phoenix, Arizona, is seen in this photo taken March 1, 2019.

Sowell added that the city is working to find a solution for the problem.

‘As a first step, we have put together a list of items that we have to have on hand in order to protect ourselves, our communities and our residents from the potential health hazards of these gas-contamination furnaces,’ he said.

The Phoenix Police department says its plan is a response to rising concerns over the rise and spread of toxic gas in the city.

A survey conducted by the Arizona Bureau of Investigation last year found that up to 80% of residents in Phoenix and Tucson live in communities with at least one of the most dangerous gas emissions.

The survey found that nearly half of residents surveyed had heard of a ‘convenience home appliance’ called the Gas Mask, which would emit the gas that people breathe.

The Gas Mask was marketed by the company Gatorade and marketed as a way to reduce toxic emissions, but it’s been found to cause severe burns to skin and lungs.