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What you need to know about burlington’s safety equipment store

The Burlington Police Department (BPD) has announced that it will be temporarily closing its two security store locations, a move that has sparked controversy.

The store locations in downtown Burlington are located at the corner of Broadway and Waverly Streets, just a block from the entrance to the West Village.

The store has been in operation since February of 2017, and had been selling security equipment and other police-related items since February this year.

The BPD announced that the two locations would be closed on February 15th, a date that has drawn some criticism from community members who said that the store was not safe.BPD Chief John Pappas said in a statement that the decision to close the two stores was due to safety concerns.

“The store in particular has received a number of reports of thefts and vandalism over the past two years,” Pappash said in the statement.

“This is due in part to the use of the store as a hub for drug sales and other criminal activity.”

Pappas added that the BPD was “making changes to the store to improve security and public safety.”