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What’s in the US safety gear?

More From Recode: The U.S. Department of Transportation is now considering a proposal to make sure its safety gear fits into its luggage and personal protective equipment (PPE) packages.

The DOT is looking to make certain all of the pieces in the bag fit into the bags and to require all of them to be manufactured in the United States, as well as make certain they meet safety standards.

The DOT has been working on this idea for some time, and the proposal would also require that the DOT make certain that all of its products meet the requirements for the new DOT standards.

The plan is called the “National Safety Gear Certification Program,” and it is expected to be voted on later this year.

Here are some of the items the DOT is currently looking at: Safety gloves, headwear, headbands, face shields, eye protection, body armor, face shield, gloves, boots, helmets, head protection, masks, and body armor.

Safety belts and wrist straps.

Hand protection.

Bike helmets.

Head and neck protection.

 The DOT also said it would also work to make its personal protective gear (PPEC) and protective gear that’s part of the DOT’s PPE package fit into its bags, and that it would be responsible for making sure it fits in all of these pieces.

If the DOT decides to proceed with this proposal, it would require that all PPE and PPE products that fall under the DOTs PPE Standards be manufactured domestically, and it would make sure they meet the new safety standards set forth by the DOT.

The DOT is also looking at ways to make some of its items fit more snugly in their bags, but it’s not clear yet whether the DOT will allow its PPE to be more bulky than the standard sizes, which are a few sizes smaller than the average person’s body.

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