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What’s the big deal about safety gear?

The government will be looking to the public to help it develop a range of safety equipment for the future, after a $4.6 billion plan for the next decade.

The Productivity Commission will be tasked with crafting an overall plan for how to equip the workforce, with a focus on safety.

The Commission’s interim report on the proposed measures outlined several measures to help protect employees.

The report also recommends “more than $200 million in additional funding” for the Australian Building and Construction Commission.

“Safety is a very important issue for Australian workers, and we will continue to work closely with industry, to address the safety concerns of Australian workers,” Minister for Transport, Anthony Albanese, said in a statement.

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“We have already made clear that the Government is committed to developing a range or strategies to improve the safety of Australian workforce.”

Mr Albanese said the Government was also “making the case for making Australia the safest country in the world by 2020” and that the new plans would “improve the safety record of Australian businesses and workers”.

“It’s important that Australian businesses have the confidence that their workers are safe, and this plan sets out to support that,” he said.

“It will also make sure that we get to a point where we’re safe.”

Mr Abbot said the government’s aim was to ensure “Australian businesses and employees are safe” and added that he wanted the Australian Workers’ Union to support the plans.

Mr Albanes announcement follows a similar move by the Government last month, when it said it was “working with the industry to make the case” for increased safety equipment and training.

The Government announced plans to spend an extra $6.8 billion on public transport in the next two years, while a new national safety strategy would focus on improving the quality of life for Australians.

“This Government is not going to be satisfied until we have all of our citizens safe,” Mr Abbots spokesman said.