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Which gear is required for your swimming pool?

A California-based nonprofit organization is urging parents to have their children wear body-worn cameras during swimming, a step the organization says can save lives.

The group, which works to make swimming safer for kids, has partnered with the National Swimming Safety Foundation to make it mandatory for kids to wear video cameras during their first two years of swimming.

According to the group, there are more than 500 million people in the U.S. who swim, with the majority of them being under age 15.

“The majority of people that are drowning in our swimming pools are not going to survive,” said Lisa McManus, executive director of the National Swim Safety Foundation.

“We have to protect the lives of these children.”

The swim safety organization says the cameras will help parents and the community recognize that swimming can be a life-saving activity, especially for kids.

“We think the more people that have these devices out there, the more families will realize they can do better than just putting their kids on their shoulders,” said McManuses.

She said the organization has seen positive results with kids who wear the cameras.

The group’s first test in October 2015 found that a record number of children were wearing the devices.

The organization says it hopes to see more programs implemented across the country that encourage kids to take part in the cameras’ use.

The U.K. has a swimming season and there are also many swimming lessons in the city.

For now, the group is hoping to see programs implemented in places such as Miami, Houston and New York.