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How to avoid an auto-injury lawsuit: Find out how to avoid a lawsuit

The Times Of India | 21st January, 2019 | 13:27 pmIndia has launched an auto insurance scheme for those who suffer a crash in the course of driving an auto, but the company is being criticized for a system that leaves people with an injury claim.

In December last year, a driver died after a car collided with a tractor-trailer on the outskirts of Mumbai.

The man was on his way to work and was riding his motorcycle in a lane on the highway when the accident happened.

The accident killed the tractor-railer driver.

The accident occurred while the driver was riding on a motorcycle near a railway crossing and a vehicle with a broken tail light.

A case of auto-related injury is considered to be the most expensive injury in India.

A person can claim up to Rs. 3 lakh and it can take up to three years to collect a compensation.