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How to keep your car safe in a tornado

Posted May 29, 2018 09:07:30 You’ve seen a lot of tornado videos lately.

What’s it like to actually experience a tornado, and how can you prepare for one?

We asked tornado experts, emergency responders and a few locals for their best tips for protecting yourself during a tornadic event.

Here’s what they had to say.1.

Stay clear of downed power lines and trees.

The safest place to be is in a vehicle, because it will most likely be safe from the wind and snowstorm.

But don’t stand too close to downed powerlines.

If you’re driving near power lines, don’t leave your vehicle.

If your car is on the ground, leave it in the garage.

It’s easier to move it out of the garage when the tornado is over.2.

Make sure you have a backup plan if you don’t feel safe staying with friends or family.

A tornado is a huge storm, and the only way to get your family out safely is to have an emergency plan in place.

The best way to prepare is to make a list of places you can stay and how you’re going to get them out if needed.

The most important thing to do is to plan ahead.

You can also do some research on how to get to safety.3.

Take shelter in a nearby structure or building.

When you hear a thunderstorm, don the appropriate clothing and get out of your vehicle and into an underground shelter.

If possible, use a shelter with a door that you can lock and can be opened from inside.4.

Use a hat, rain coat and gloves when entering an underground structure or roof.

Rain jackets, gloves and a hat are best for wind and weather.5.

Don’t leave the house unless you have an exit plan.

If it’s too dangerous to leave your house, don a shelter and use it as a shelter.6.

Get a backup generator.

This will be your last source of power, and you need to be prepared to run it.

A good generator is a battery-powered, portable generator that will work even in an emergency.

You should have one that can charge your phone or laptop.

If not, consider getting one.

You’ll save yourself some time and money and will save your car.7.

If an emergency occurs, use the emergency phone number and email that you already have on your phone.

This can save you a lot time, since there are many emergency numbers you can call.8.

Do not drive with any debris in the car.

You need to have enough space to move the car and any debris.

If the wind blows, the debris will go up and into the air.9.

Wear rubber gloves.

Your hands are extremely sensitive and the wind can cause them to get burned.

You want to make sure that you’re wearing rubber gloves, especially during the tornado, because that can cause damage to your fingers.10.

Take a compass with you.

If at all possible, make sure to take a compass.

The compass will tell you where you are, where your friends are and what you’re about to do.

You don’t want to be distracted by what you hear, see or smell.

If a tornado has hit, you should know the area, the path and the time of the next one.

If all else fails, just call a friend and have them follow you to safety, even if it means they’re not there to help.