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How to safely remove Dival Safety equipment

Aberdeen has banned the use of Dival safety gear in public spaces, amid concerns over the potential for it to cause injuries to motorists.

The Aberdeen City Council issued a directive on Friday, ordering that the use and installation of D-Lite safety gear be banned in public areas of the city centre from 11am on Monday.

Dival safety helmets and seat belts are already banned on all vehicles and roads in the city, but this was the first time the council has sought to enforce this policy.

Council chief executive Martin McKee said: “Dival equipment is not designed for the high-speed roadways we are in and is unlikely to be safe for drivers, cyclists or pedestrians.”

“Dival gear is not safe for the environment and poses a risk of causing injuries to road users.”

The council has taken the decision to ban the use or installation of these items on roads and roadside areas.

“Dival products, such as the Dival Lace Safety Gloves, are designed to protect the driver from the impacts of head and neck injuries from impact, while the D-lite gloves are designed for cyclists.

D-Lites are a type of protective headwear that is not made to protect from impact.

A spokesperson for Aberdeen City Councillors said: “[Dival] Safety equipment is a product that was developed by the Dlamini Group and was initially manufactured for the US military.””

The D-lite safety gear has been approved by the Scottish Government as safe for use on roads in Scotland.

“He added: “It is not possible to determine what D-line gloves and D-ladles are designed specifically for road use, but the council does take safety very seriously and this is why we have banned the sale and installation.

“Any D-lined equipment that is to be used on the road must be properly tested for impact and other safety features before it is put on the roads.”

A spokesperson from the Department for Transport said: ‘The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) is working with the council on the enforcement of the ban.’