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National Railroad Safety Administration says railroads must install safety equipment at all tracks, airports

A federal safety agency says rail systems must install equipment at each rail line and each airport at the end of the month to prevent a catastrophic derailment.

The U.S. National Railroad Security Administration (NRCS) released a report Monday detailing the equipment required at railroad crossings and airports and the steps it expects railroads to take to prevent such an incident.

The agency says the agency has received more than 1,000 comments on the report, which includes more than 2,600 comments in the last week.

It says the comments range from safety concerns to recommendations.

The NRCS says the railroads are responding by installing equipment at rail crossings and at all rail terminals.

The NRCA says the safety equipment is to be installed at the following locations:In addition to the rail systems, the agency says it has identified a dozen additional locations to include on the ground:The agency has been working with railroad and aviation officials to prepare for the possibility of a rail accident, the NRCs report says.

It also says that in the past year, the rail system has taken steps to identify, mitigate, and mitigate potential rail derailments.