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Oregon safety equipment ‘strictly not’ meant to help boaters

Oregon safety gear for boaters is meant to keep boaters safe and healthy.

But in a few places, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife has banned some equipment.

The ban comes after a 2015 study found that some of the equipment used to help shoreline fishermen get around the state had a high rate of bacteria contamination.

In other words, it wasn’t designed to help fishermen safely swim.

Oregon officials say they’re taking the issue seriously.

But some boaters aren’t happy about it.

John Molloy has been fishing for years in the Great Northern Bay of Washington.

He says he’s been treated like an outsider in the area.

When he first started fishing for trout, he was worried about the quality of the fish.

But the quality has improved dramatically since then.

The trout have a bigger head and more powerful hooks than before.

But he says the quality hasn’t improved.

So what should he be worried about?

“There are so many different types of fish in that area, and the fish that have a higher quality of meat,” Molloys says.

“You could get a better quality of fish out of a fish in the lake than a fish that you catch on the shoreline.”

Molloy says he believes his fish were not caught on the coast.

He also says his rod has a problem.

It can pick up debris, which can be dangerous.

“It’s pretty hard to get the rod in the water,” he says.

The Department of Fishery says they have strict rules about equipment for boating, including a ban on the use of metal fishing rods.

They say they have no way to test equipment that is in the ocean and cannot be inspected by a trained professional.

But Molloyd says he doesn’t want the gear banned.

He’s not against equipment.

He just wants to know what they are supposed to be used for.