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Softball Safety Equipment

A softball game in Oklahoma City was suspended Tuesday because of an airbag failure that caused an air ambulance to be called for a player.

A hardball game was postponed until the end of the week after an air bag failed at the game in front of the Oklahoma State Fairgrounds, and a softball event at the Oklahoma City Farmers Coliseum was canceled.

A softball match in Kansas City was postponed because of a hardball air bag failure.

An air ambulance was called to a softballs game in Tampa, Florida, after an unresponsive air bag in the ambulance failed to deploy.

A baseball game was canceled in Kansas because of the air bag failures, the Oklahoma Department of Transportation said.

The softball games were being played by the Tulsa Royals and the Wichita Storm.

A softballs match in OklahomaCity was canceled because of two air bag problems at the Kansas City Farmers Arena.