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Aberdeen is in a tough spot, with a major accident involving a chainsaw on the city’s main road on Friday.

The incident happened just after 10am, just a few metres from Aberdeen City Council offices.

There were no fatalities, but two people were treated for minor injuries.

Police said the chainsaw, which was used in the Aberdeen town of Dungarvan, was used to cut through a hedge at the edge of a grassy field and hit a man who had been standing on the edge.

Aberdeen City Council spokesman said the man, who has not been named, had been working in the area and was wearing a safety equipment belt.

“The chainsaw went through the hedge, cutting through the hedges.

The man had not been wearing a belt, so the incident was not a breach of the belt,” he said.”

But it was not the belt that caused the accident.””

It was an impact on his belt which caused the chainsaws blade to come into contact with his neck.”

He added that the man had been wearing protective gear, including a safety belt.

Police believe that a woman and her son were in the car, and had been driving in the nearby city of Airdrie.

“We are very concerned and are looking at a possible collision at Aberdeen City Road,” a spokesperson said.

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