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When Amazon unveils new safety gear, there are already other companies ready to fill the gap

SANTA FE, N.M. — Amazon.com Inc. and its new safety equipment maker, Safety Equipment Technology Inc., are the latest companies to enter the field, and they’re not just any new ones.

Amazon announced Friday that it had signed a deal to acquire Safety Equipment Technologies, a technology company based in Scottsdale, Arizona, that specializes in producing safety equipment for police departments around the country.

The deal was announced by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and Amazon chief executive officer Peter Szkutak.

Szkutack said the acquisition of the company would help Amazon expand its safety equipment sales and expand its footprint in areas where it is most needed, including small business, high-tech and health care.

Amazon has been expanding its safety gear and training programs to meet growing demands from law enforcement.

SzKutack also said Amazon plans to launch a pilot program for local police departments to receive training on the safety gear that the company will offer to employees.

Under the deal, Amazon will acquire all of the stock of the Safety Equipment technology company and will use the proceeds to purchase its own stock.

While Amazon and Safety Equipment Tech are not related companies, they share some common characteristics, such as a focus on safety products and technology.

Safety Equipment Technology is not an affiliate of Amazon.

It is an independent company with a separate management structure.

The deal includes the purchase of about 15% of the shares of Safety Equipment in the company, which has more than a million employees and $7.5 billion in revenue, according to a person familiar with the transaction.

“Our mission is to provide technology solutions to our customers and to help reduce risks to our employees, customers, and communities,” Szketak said in a statement.

This news is not surprising.

Amazon is investing billions of dollars in safety equipment.

Its new line of safety gear has been praised by President Donald Trump and other leaders for its durability and durability, ease of use and the ease with which people can handle it.

It has been lauded by lawmakers for its effectiveness in reducing crime and improving safety.