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When you’re going to get hit, you’re not going to stay out there. How do you protect yourself from head injuries?

A man who went to a volleyball match last month with his son is still recovering after sustaining a head injury.

He was playing against a friend on the field when a fall hit him in the head and he was rushed to a hospital in Minneapolis.

The friend suffered severe head trauma and died.

“We didn’t have the best equipment in the world,” his son, Aaron, said.

He told us that the helmet and helmet liner were broken and we were left with no protective gear.

We were going to go back out there, but we weren’t going to be able to wear it.

We were going with it and it was hurting.

“I was going to take the helmet off and I’m going to wear the helmet, but then I just didn’t know what to do,” Aaron said.

“I was trying to put my head out of the way to protect myself, but it was just too much for me.

I was just so angry and so upset.”

He went to the hospital with the head injury and had the head wrapped.

Doctors told him to stay away from the area of the field where the fall happened.

But his son said he felt so unsafe, he wanted to get a new helmet.

He was eventually diagnosed with concussion.

He spent two weeks in the hospital before being discharged.

His son said the hospital took his helmet away and his dad tried to return it to him.

He had been playing with friends at a volleyball tournament.

He said his friend was knocked unconscious and he thought he was OK.

But the man who was in the other area had suffered a head trauma that caused him to fall off the court.

He had to be hospitalized, but Aaron said he was allowed to go out of his way to help his friend.

The family was worried when Aaron left the hospital.

“The hospital did everything they could,” Aaron’s son said.

“They told us to get back out here, but I just felt like, ‘What if it’s not going right?'”

Aaron is still in the ICU, but his son says he’s feeling better.

He hopes the experience will inspire others to think twice about going out at night.

“I just want them to know that you should never be out there in the field,” Aaron told me.