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Windsurfing Safety Equipment, Supplier Safety Equipment to be Used in the Disaster, Officials Say

New Delhi: The Indian Navy has ordered two windsurf equipment suppliers to undergo safety training to reduce the risk of accidents while undertaking operations in the Arabian Sea, the Navy said on Monday.

In a notification, the Defence Ministry said the order, which came into effect on Monday, also called for the establishment of an expert committee to look into the possible causes of accidents and to formulate measures to reduce them.

The two suppliers, the Aviation Safety Institute of India and the Ocean Safety Foundation of India, were ordered to conduct training on a helipad on Tuesday at the request of the Ministry of Defence, it said.

Two Indian Coast Guard helicopters have been involved in a collision in the Straits of Malacca on Friday, leaving four crewmembers dead and the Indian Coast Guardsman, who was critically injured, in a coma, officials said.