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Cincinnatti woman’s $1,500 water purifier dies

A water purifying system designed for use by water filtration plants is set to die after more than 30 years of use, officials said Monday.

The Cincinnati Water and Sewer Commission voted unanimously to replace the water purification system with a water filter that will work at temperatures as low as 5 degrees.

CWI said the decision was made after reviewing more than 1,000 pages of documents and analysis of hundreds of tests.

An analysis of the water filter’s performance by a third-party lab shows that it can remove the presence of 99 percent of bacteria, the commission said.

However, the report did not give a specific amount of time for the replacement of the system.

We have spent more than a decade evaluating water filters and have not found a single one that works as effectively or safely as the water-filtering system, CWI Director Michael Fassbender said. 

The Cincinnati-based water utility is facing lawsuits from residents and businesses in several cities in the Northeast and Midwest who say the water system is unsafe and needs replacement.

In October, a judge ruled against the city of Cincinnati in its bid to buy the water filtrate.