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How the Chargers have transformed the game of safety

By Mark Eckel By Mark E. GreenPublished Jan 01, 2019 10:42amThe San Diego Chargers have been a staple in the AFC West since it was founded in 1964.

They’ve won four Super Bowls and five division titles since, and they’re considered the NFL’s premier defense.

Their success is attributed to their versatility, their talent and their defensive coordinator, Mike McCoy.

But for all the talent, the Chargers aren’t nearly as consistent as they once were.

The Chargers have played in only six games in the first half of the season and haven’t beaten the Baltimore Ravens since Jan. 7.

The team has lost three of its last four.

This has been a rough stretch for McCoy, who has been replaced by new defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz.

This past season, the 49ers and the Chargers met in the Super Bowl.

The 49ers won that game 27-20, while the Chargers defeated the 49er defense 21-3.

That game was the first in a row in which the 49ERS beat the Chargers.

The next game, a 49ers-Chargers matchup at Levi’s Stadium, was even closer.

The Chargers scored a touchdown and the 49 and Chargers were in control of the game for much of the second half.

It was a big-play game, but it wasn’t enough to stop the Chargers from beating the 49 team on the road in New Orleans.

The 49ers got their first lead of the day on a 49er touchdown on a 10-yard run by Colin Kaepernick.

But the Chargers rallied and marched down the field for a touchdown on their second play.

The momentum was with the 49, and the team kept rolling.

The next play, on a third-and-10 play, the team got their second first down.

It wasn’t a huge play, but the 49 had already started the drive.

The San Diego defense held them to a field goal, but they were able to drive and eventually win the game 31-27.

It marked the Chargers first win of the year.

In other words, the San Diego offense has been terrible.

The team has struggled with turnovers in each of its three losses to the 49’s defense.

But it’s been much worse against the Ravens.

The last time the Chargers lost to the Ravens was Jan. 28, 2018, at the Levi’s stadium.

The game was a 34-3 loss to the San Francisco 49ers, and it was the team’s first loss in the stadium since the 1960 season.

In 2018, the offense put up just under 4,000 yards, but in the next three games, the unit posted just over 4,600 yards and won five games.

The defense, meanwhile, allowed 531 points in those three games.

The offense has struggled against the 49s defense, as well.

It has scored just under 20 points per game in its last three games against the Chargers, but that number dropped to 21 points per contest in those games.

That number is down to 17 points per performance, as the 49 offense has scored under 15 points in four of the last five games, which was the same number of points the Chargers offense scored in the same span last year.

The defense has struggled to stop offenses.

They have allowed just more than 500 yards per game against the San Antonio offense, but have given up a total of 526 points.

The only other time they gave up 500 yards and fewer than 250 yards was in their last game, Nov. 6, 2021.

The worst part of the Chargers defense is the offense.

The offense has put up nearly 4,300 yards of offense in their three losses, but those numbers are just a shade under 3,000 against the defense.

The number of yards the Chargers put up against the defensive unit in those losses is just a bit under 10.

This is a team that has the talent to win a Super Bowl, but if they don’t put up numbers like they have against the Baltimore defense, they’ll likely be playing for a playoff spot this season.

The San Francisco Golden Gate Offense will be a team to watch as they prepare for the Baltimore Colts.

The Niners offense is just the type of offense that will cause the Colts to be scared of them.

This game will be one of the final chances for the San Fran 49ers to get back into the postseason after they missed the playoffs for the first time since 2012.

If the team can continue to play well against the Colts defense, and if the 49 can slow down the Ravens, this could be a great game to see if the team still has the spark it once had.

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