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How to prepare for an emergency: The basics

There’s no shortage of things you should consider when your home or office is flooded, including what kind of equipment you need and when you need to get to it.

But there’s no set number of things that you should take to a home or business that might be inundated, so you’ll have to get creative to make sure you’re prepared.

Here are the essentials:1.

Locker space: Locker room storage can help to keep your stuff safe.

The more space you have to put your things, the less likely it is for them to float.2.

Portable water heater: You’ll need a portable water heater that can be plugged into a wall outlet, so that you can heat your home when it’s really, really, very cold.3.

Dishwasher: If you don’t have a dishwasher or need to keep dishes dry, a dishwashing machine will keep your food dry.4.

Duct tape: You may have to remove duct tape to get at your items, but you can get duct tape that’s long enough to cover the duct.5.

Water filter: If your water supply is contaminated or is in a hazardous area, you might need to buy a water filter.6.

Heat and ventilators: Heat your home in the winter and vent it in the summer.

Use an air conditioner if you have one.7.

Water heater: Heat the water in your home with an electric heater, but if you need help, use a water heater instead.8.

Window and door screen: If a window is damaged or cracked, you can repair it with a window screen.9.

Window cleaner: If the windows in your house are getting dirty, you may need to do a regular water and sewer job on them to remove any debris and make them a little more leak-proof.10.

Fire alarm: If there’s a fire going on, you should set up an alarm system in your living room, bedroom or bathroom so that other people won’t hear the alarms.11.

Water cooler: You can put water in a water cooler, but it’s a good idea to put it in a place where people won (and won’t) see it.12.

Dishwashers: You might have to use a dishwasher in a basement if your house is a basement.

You can buy one that doesn’t leak, but some people have had issues with it getting stuck in cracks.13.

Dishwashing machine: You should always have a regular washing machine in your kitchen or bathroom to wash dishes, and you should keep it clean and ready to use.14.

Fire extinguisher: If an electrical fire is raging, it’s important to bring a fire extinguisher to the rescue.15.

Thermostat: If someone is having a heart attack, they should put their thermostat to the side so it can keep their body temperature down and to help them breathe.16.

Dish towels: If something gets wet on your clothes, you need a cloth to wipe it off with, and a cloth towel to dry it.17.

Bathtub: If things get damp, you’ll want to make a bucket with the toilet seat, sink and floor all covered.18.

Bathroom sink: If it’s hard to get out of the bathtub because of the water, you want to have a sink with a tub that will drain water.19.

Bath tub mat: You want a mat that can hold all the things you need.

You’ll want one that has enough room for the toilet and sink.20.

Dryer: You don’t want to be using your dryer all the time.

You need to turn it on when you get home from work and turn it off when you leave, so it’s not just your hands and arms doing the work.21.

Dish soap: If anything gets in the dish soap, rinse it off as soon as possible so that it doesn’t get into your mouth or eyes.22.

Drying rack: You need a rack that can go all the way down to the floor so that the drying rack will be just right for your items.23.

Dish washing machine: If washing your clothes is a challenge, you don (and probably should) buy a dish washing machine that can work on any brand of dishwasher.24.

Dish cleaner: Cleaning your house and your home can be a lot of work, so a professional will probably do it for you.25.

Dish dishwasher: This is a great way to get rid of old clothes, and even old food.

You don (probably should) get one with a dish drying system, so when you’re done with your clothes you’ll be able to put them in the laundry.26.

Dish dryer: This will get you the cleanest dryer on the market, and it can be used on just about anything.27.

Dish rack: This rack is great for