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How to remove safety equipment from your car’s steering wheel

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers has published a safety equipment list of “critical” items, and if you have a Tesla, you should remove it now.

The safety equipment on the list is very basic.

If you have no idea what they’re talking about, take a look at the first three items: electrical safety equipment and a safety harness.

This is a very basic safety equipment item that you should do.

You need to remove this safety equipment.

Tesla Safety Equipment List #3: Electrical Safety Equipment The list contains the items listed in the safety equipment section.

It’s pretty basic.

It has a few important things you should know about it, and that is it’s not waterproof, it doesn’t have an electrical plug and it doesn’s a small piece of plastic.

Electrical safety gear is usually used to protect people and vehicles from electrical shocks, and the safest way to remove it is with a wrench.

Here’s how to remove your Tesla safety equipment safely: 1.

Get out your car and remove the steering wheel.


Remove the battery cover from the car.


Remove any of the three plastic tabs on the battery and pull them out.


Remove a piece of metal that is attached to the battery.


Remove two pieces of plastic from the bottom of the battery housing.


Remove four pieces of metal from the top of the charging port.


Remove three plastic screws from the side of the bottom cover.


Remove an electrical connector from the front of the steering column.


Remove one plastic cover from under the top cover.


Remove six screws from under and pull the battery out.


Remove all of the metal from under, and then remove the plastic cover.


Remove eight screws from underneath the top.


Remove 10 screws from behind the steering rack and pull it out.


Remove five screws from beneath the steering wheels and pull that out.


Remove seven screws from below the steering gear cover.


Remove and remove a small portion of the wiring harness from the rear of the car, as shown in the picture below.


Remove several screws from inside the car and pull out the battery connector, as well as the plug for the battery charger.


Remove just about any part of the dashboard from the back of the vehicle.


Remove some screws from and remove any bolts from the roof and lower portion of dash.


Remove about an inch of the backrest of the dash.


Remove as much as you can from the inside of the rear seats and remove that piece of rubber padding.


Remove more bolts from inside of each passenger seat.


Remove most of the plastic panels in the front passenger seat, as detailed below.


Remove bolts from all the metal brackets, as described in the next section.


Remove metal bolts from each of the six metal pieces on the dashboard and the steering box.


Remove screws from all of these brackets, bolts and metal pieces.


Remove everything except the battery plug, which should be easy to remove.

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