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How to use a ‘smart’ cell phone to save lives

The U.S. government has a growing arsenal of wireless surveillance devices that can detect and track people’s movements in the dark, and the Pentagon plans to deploy the devices as soon as next year.

The devices are already deployed in a few cities and are used by police, border patrol agents and federal agents who want to keep tabs on a suspect or a fugitive.

The phones are part of a larger push to use technology to keep Americans safe.

The government says the devices can detect a car’s speed, a person’s movement or a person with a radio call that is inaudible to nearby people.

But the government has also been deploying the technology for decades to track people using the radio and other communication methods, including by monitoring people’s calls and text messages.

In an interview, Defense Secretary Robert Work said the phones will allow police to quickly pinpoint an individual and track his or her movements without having to turn on the cameras and cameras in the home.

“The phone technology is so advanced that we’re going to deploy this as soon a year from now,” Work said.

Working said the devices, which are currently being tested in the U.K., Germany and Japan, will eventually be available for use in the United States.

He said the government will also deploy the phones as soon, and in the most cost-effective way, it will get rid of the cameras, which cost an estimated $10,000 per unit.

More: This story has been updated to correct that the U,S.

Army uses a smartphone.

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