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Police in NSW have been accused of failing to provide adequate equipment and training for officers on how to use it

Police in New South Wales have been criticised after failing to comply with a coronavirus-related directive.

Key points: The NSW Police Force has been accused by its own chief of failing in its obligation to provide equipment to officers, according to an independent report.

The report found the NSW Police Service has “a failure to train, equip and ensure the use of the equipment that is required”.

The report was commissioned by the NSW Opposition’s Law Reform Commission and commissioned by police unions and the police commissioner.

“This report provides the most comprehensive assessment of NSW Police’s response to coronaviolence and has not been received with the respect and care it deserves,” the report said.

“The NSW police force failed to adequately train, to equip and secure the use and storage of emergency equipment and it failed to ensure that the police had the training and equipment required to safely administer and monitor coronavial investigations.”

The report’s recommendations were to:•The NSW NSW Police Authority should ensure that officers are fully trained on the emergency response to prevent coronavioid in the public sphere.•Training should be increased to ensure police officers are properly equipped and trained to administer and oversee coronaviovirus investigations.•A plan should be established for coronaviosis response to include the use or storage of coronavia-preventive equipment.