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Seattle airport safety equipment not required

Seattle airport security equipment is not required to be inspected by the Federal Aviation Administration, and the agency has not inspected it since 2015, the Federal Trade Commission said Monday.

The FAA’s Inspection Bureau says it has not examined the equipment since 2015.

Federal Aviation Regulations require airport security devices to be tested for explosives, fire, and other hazards.

A spokesman for the agency told ESPN that the agency “does not require a certificate or certification to operate an airport security device.”

The FAA told ESPN it was unable to comment on specific instances.

The agency said it does not have authority to inspect the devices and did not respond to a request for comment.

The airport safety agency told the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. in March that it had not inspected the devices since 2015 and did a “poor” job of ensuring that the devices are safe.

The company said the FAA’s inspection unit did not have a “certified” inspection team.

The FDIC did not immediately respond to ESPN’s request for an explanation.

The Federal Aviation Authority told the FDIC in April that it has inspected security devices at Seattle’s airport since at least 2015, but said it has “not inspected any airport security system since the late-2016 timeframe.”

The FDIG did not provide an answer to questions about whether the FAA had inspected the equipment.

The federal agency said that it “conducts a comprehensive risk assessment of airport security systems, including their vulnerabilities.”

It said it “does this assessment by assessing the available data on the system’s operational security, security operations, and operational and security risks, including operational risks associated with airport and related personnel, infrastructure, and equipment vulnerabilities.”