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‘Visible lights, sirens, and sirens don’t do it’: What you need to know about fire safety equipment

“There’s no question that we’re getting a lot of information out of the public, but we’re still going to have a lot more information to work with,” said Fire Chief Steve Jones.

The department is also trying to get a sense of what people are wearing.

In addition to their fire protection gear, some departments also have body armor and helmets.

The equipment must be inspected and approved by the city.

The first round of inspection will take place in mid-May.

After that, the department will be making sure the equipment meets the city’s standards.

Jones said that he hopes that the inspections will result in some improvement.

He added that some departments have already started using cameras and sensors.

Some departments have also added an optional second layer of fire protection equipment to their trucks, which Jones said will allow them to be able to respond to an accident quicker.

If they’re able to meet all the standards, he said, they should be able do so within the first few months.

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